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Title: Cost of placing influence awarded by an event
Post by: Austinspace75 on May 09, 2014, 04:38:35 am
Hi, I'm new to both the game and the forum. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere - I couldn't find anything that does.

Anyway, my question is about when a player is awarded influence to place in specific countries as a result of an event e.g. Colonial Rear Guards or Panama Canal Returned;

If, in this instance, the USSR already has control of Panama.. does the US still get to place 1 influence anyway (and make the USSR lose control if that's how it adds up) or is it that he cannot place it as he'd need 2 influence in order to place 1 (as per the influence cost rule)?

Thanks for your help!
Title: Re: Cost of placing influence awarded by an event
Post by: blitzgordon on May 09, 2014, 06:01:13 am
Hey there, and welcome!
The key phrase you're looking for is whether the text says as if they played a (X) Ops card. If that's the case then the player has to pay double for placing influence.
But if a card simply says "place 1 influence in...", that influence is free of charge, no matter your opponents influence.
Panama Canal, Decolonialization, Colonial rearguards, etc. all say "place 1 influence in" and as such, there is no extra charge for opponents control.
Title: Re: Cost of placing influence awarded by an event
Post by: Austinspace75 on May 09, 2014, 06:07:42 am
Hi, thankyou and thanks for the answer! That was my interpretation too. I think the same is also said in this thread:

i.e. influence provided by an event can be placed at the lower cost regardless of enemy control - unless stated otherwise by the card as per your description. girlfriend argued the opposite last time we played and of course I'm not looking forward to upsetting her at all! ;)
Title: Re: Cost of placing influence awarded by an event
Post by: pietshaq on May 12, 2014, 06:00:48 am
If you place influence using Operation Points, you pay double and you are under other restrictions (adjacency, Chernobyl, etc.). It does not matter whether the Operation Points are the effect of event text or not.

But if you place influence just following the event text, none of this applies. If you play Willy Brandt as USSR, you don't have to have influence adjacent to West Germany and you are allowed to place this influence even if under Chernobyl restriction in Europe, aren't you? Therefore, the 2-for-1 penalty also does not apply because this is simply not the case.

All the best!
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