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Title: Steam version glitches
Post by: Chimista on November 20, 2016, 05:37:40 pm

I haven't been playing TS for a while, since chantry closed down. Wargameroom is pretty dead and I finally decided to spend the 15 bucks to get the steam version.

I have played quite a few games in the last two weeks. In general I'm quite happy with the version, but I'd like to share a few minor issues with you guys:

- Discard pile glitch: just a few minutes ago I was playing as US in AR7, T9. I was quite desperate, honestly, about 13 behind and no good board position. I decided to give a shot to SALT when I realized the discard pile was empty. I thought how could this be possible? Of course it was impossible. Even the cards we had just played that turn weren't there. Has anyone experienced this glitch before? Any solution?

- Shuttle diplomacy problem: in this case the glitch was to my advantage. We made it to scoring phase after the end of T10. USSR should have won by 2, but instead we had a draw because shuttle diplomacy was active and USSR lost 2 vp: one from a BG in the ME and another in Asia. This really sucks, since the card explicitly states that it shouldn't affect scoring phase after T10.... and even less deny TWO BG's, one in each country!!! Furthermore, even though we had a draw the game counted it as a US victory, increasing my ELAN and reducing my opponent's. Have you ever suffered/enjoyed this one?

This is it, basically. Any other glitches or thoughts about the steam version?
Title: Re: Steam version glitches
Post by: Anders2004 on November 20, 2016, 08:53:14 pm
I have often had issues seeing the discard pile after a reshuffle, but it fixes itself if I exit the game and then get back in.
Title: Re: Steam version glitches
Post by: Chimista on November 27, 2016, 07:54:54 am
Thanks, it seems that the Shuttle Diplomacy is only a reporting glitch, finally