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So the real shining point of this post lies in your last reply  ;D

Cards I love are those very powerful for my side, e.g. as USSR I love De-Stalin and as US I love VOA. But they can easily turn to be cards I hate if I play the other side. Cards I love are conditional.

Cards I 'Just Love' are those with brilliant designs in game machanics, which nicely fit into its own historical background and can benefit either side in particular circumstance. Here are my candidates:

Five-Year Plan

It's supposed to be a decision made by Soviet government, but in the game it is a blue event. Any new player will wonder why. You may argue the FYP actually thwarted the economic development of USSR, but it still seems implausible and unconvincing.

Until we know it's full power: the ability of disposing low-OP US event / scoring card with 3OP in the last AR. The blueness of this card cunningly fits into the mechanic that you MUST trigger opponent's event, with vivid emphasis on 'Plan'. With careful planning, the Communist is able to rely on heavy industry to overcome its economical drawback.

But it's not all good as they had expected. If USSR holds any nuclear event, the FYP becomes unplayable, and thus making it harder to 'plan'. Industrialization pays its cost. Brilliant design.

Also, I love the situation where US headlines this card while holding the China Card. It brings history alive, and the USSR player can see how much challenge Khrushchev had faced.

Aldrich Ames Remix

This is an anecdotal but yet very interesting event. This guy is one of the three reliable figures of USSR in the Late War (together with Gorbachev and Iranian Terrorist). He worked for both the CIA and KGB, so he should be helping either side. This card is likely the strongest headline of USSR, and also helps US to get rid of annoying USSR event if managed correctly. Either side would be happy to see this card in hand.

So... there are also cards I just don't love, such as

Warsaw Pact Formed

Running out of the historical track. In the game, USSR will try his best to delay the signing of the Pact, while US just wants it triggered as soon as possible. The optimal play of this card is completely different from what history suggested.

And, Warsaw Pact (signed in 1955) allows play of NATO (founded in 1949).

Iron Lady

Same reason.

And I think it's been repeatedly discussed.


Are there any tips how to do this without getting couped out at every single opportunity?

One of the good ways to counter coup attempt is to creat multiple threats.

You can place influence in multiple countries. Your opponent can only coup one of them.

If he coups you out of one country, you can make a breakthrough from the other.

For example, you spend two OP to place 1 in Colombia and 1 in Nicaragua. If he coup Colombia, you then realign Cuba with +1 modifier, or score a CA Domination in your next Action Round.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card I'd like to see changed
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:30:30 pm »
I'd like to see change of RSP, too. I dislike one card being that decisive.

Based on my limited experience, twice RSP in Early War usually means victory. I saw several sessions where a less competent player repeatedly headlining no-brainer RSP and comfortably defeated a tournament-level player. I understand that the power of this headline varies in different hands, but I think 90% of the time it can deal a great blow to your opponent. To reduce the OP of your opponent is already a gem, while to combine with other killer event is invaluable.

I'd like to at least give some limitation against this card, like 'if your opponent use a card to place influence, reduce the OP of the card  by 1'. It's still very useful, and still a game-changer in Early War. But, at least it makes you re-consider whether to sacrifice your 4OP for the effect.


General Twilight Struggle Discussion / Re: Turn 1 Headline Rankings
« on: February 05, 2013, 04:23:28 am »
Mostly agree. Nicely done.

For US, CIA Created* can be more than 'Acceptable'. Placing 1 influence in Afghanistan before USSR's first move guarantees the access to Asia. Seeing USSR's hand may occasionally help US to prevent from a Turn 5 instant lose.

For USSR, Mid-East Scoring may not be that 'Good' if the starting setup is +1 US...

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