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General Twilight Struggle Discussion / Re: USSR AR1 Afghanistan
« on: December 06, 2013, 08:30:11 am »
Hi and thanks for żour inputs... Containment was one of my favourite options too as it might get wasted if i play it for ops and USSR will get it next time... perhaps i will try this even risking that it might grant USSR a cheap Asia Scoring... is there any other reasonable option why he'd start like this? That AR1 play really confused me and i am fearing that i might missing something... ;)

General Twilight Struggle Discussion / Re: USSR AR1 Afghanistan
« on: December 06, 2013, 03:54:40 am »
Thanks for your input... but what about Indo-Pak-War? If i go into Pakistan shouldn't i control Iran so he has a lesser chance to win this? Any other ideas?

General Twilight Struggle Discussion / Re: USSR AR1 Afghanistan
« on: December 05, 2013, 05:31:15 pm »
Thanks for your reply and i know but i don't know if my opponent reads this forum too...  ;)

So lets hope he does not or at least not every day...  :P

I have:

4 US/Japan Pact
2 Decol -> Hold
3 Soc Governments
3 Containment
1 Nasser
2 Defectors
3 DeGaulle

General Twilight Struggle Discussion / USSR AR1 Afghanistan
« on: December 05, 2013, 04:30:51 pm »
In a current game my opponent placed 2ip in Afghanistan AR1. I headlined RS/P so i guess he has a low-ops hand and refused to coup Iran at 1/0. I have a medium deck (one 4 Ops card) with some more or less empty AR rounds to repair USSR events. No event in my favour. So what to do now? Placing 1ip into Pakistan and hoping that he will use the China Card? Perhaps playing 3ops -> 1ip in Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan? Any other ideas? I have not so many games under my belt so far and i haven't seen this opening so far... so any help is appreciated.


It worked out... took my chance to play Lone Gunman on AR1... USSR used my nearly empty action round and scored ME after (last Area where he has an bigger advantage) so from now on it can only gets better... thx for your help...

Good point... perhaps he headlines Africa Score so i can use my Grain Sales OPs for getting some more VPs there...

Thanks for your thoughts...

Ok, then i will headline Grain Sailes and try to play Lone Gunman in AR1 or AR2... Cuban Missile Crisis is already played. Grain Sales will be useful to realign DeGaulle out of France. I am still in control right now but he has no chance of spreading if i will be succesful.

Africa is the last missing scoring card before reshuffle so i will space Unrest.

I am keeping Blockade since turn 2 and was always able to deal with my hand without using it.


first of all thanks for providing such a great website and community. The ressources for a nearly-new player are almost endless. All those informations helped a lot already to get into the game.

Right now i am playing a game online as US and have a difficult situation (at least for me as a newbie).

I managed to stay in the game with a good board position (USSR is on every continent but i have a better position on many of them) and VP at -2. Now turn 6 starts with Defcon 5, after i played SALT for Grain Sales.

My hand:
- Grain Sales
- Liberation Theology
- Five Year Plan
- Kitchen Debates
- Lone Gunmen
- Arab-Israeli War (Camp David already played)
- South African Unrest
- Blockade
- China Card (playable)

What to headline, what to space?

My thoughts:
- I would headline Grain Sales or Lone Gunmen. Lone Gunmen because of Defcon 5 so i can play it and will not risk Defcon-Suicide. Or Grain Sales to get an action in Headline Phase and perhaps a good card.
- I would space South African Unrest because i aready secured sub-saharan Africa. Liberation Theology would be another choice but USSR is already there (Cuba and Nicaragua).

I would love to get some feedback and tips on this. Thanks in advance.

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