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Author Topic: Few random questions  (Read 1505 times)

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Few random questions
« on: March 02, 2013, 07:53:05 pm »

Events that are associated with both players e.g. Terrorism are played for either the ops or the event, correct?

Also reading the strategy website I feel like I am missing some key rule but can't figure out what it is...
- Aldrich Ames remix and your oppenent has lone gunman...
How is this an instant win?
- what happens if you run out of cards due to being forced to discard so many times?


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Re: Few random questions
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2013, 09:32:25 pm »

That is correct, events associated with both players are played either for the ops or the event.

Aldrich Amex Remix + Lone Gunman may lead to a DEFCON suicide since with aldrich you may cut your opponent hand, and force them to play Lone Gunman in this turn when the DEFCON is still at 2, allowing you to coup a battleground country and lower the DEFCON to 2 while it is still the opponent's turn.

If you run out of cards you lose Action Rounds.


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Re: Few random questions
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2013, 05:48:32 am »

This may not be readily apparent to a new player but:

You are always given cards up to a certain size of hand each turn. In the Early War it is 7 cards, with six Action Rounds to play them. With Mid and Late-War, it is Eight cards, with seven rounds to play them. (Players may take 8th rounds only in exceptional circumstance.)

This means each player will, short of using card events which manipulate how many cards they hold or playing the China Card, will play seven of their cards they hold over the course of the turn and then have one card left over, which they will carry until the next.

Lone gunman is a horrible card. It cannot be used on the space race, and if the US plays it at defcon 2, (barring exceptional circumstance), then they have lost the game. (The USSR will use the one op they're allowed to play to coup a mid-war battleground country, lowering the defcon to 1, but since it happens during the US' 'action round', it counts as a loss for the US.) Since it guarantees the US will lose the game, they will likely hold it from turn to turn until a circumstance finally comes where they can play it and have less harm done, at least not to the extent of an automatic loss.

Suppose a USSR player headlines Aldrich Ames. He chooses to discard some card, leaving you holding 7 cards in a Late War turn where there are 7 action rounds. That means you will be forced to play Lone Gunman over the course of the turn, even if you save it for last. There are only a few ways to beat this trap:
1. Have a UN-Intervention that lets you play it without triggering the event.
2. Be under Containment, which will raise it to a 2op card, which you can put on the space race if you haven't yet reached Man in Earth Orbit.
3. Play the China Card instead of playing Lone Gunman. (If you have it. It's the easiest way to escape, but what if you're not holding it?)
4. Play some event that will allow you to either gain an extra card in your hand, or improve defcon so you have a chance to play the card at defcon 3. (SALT Negotations for example does both of these at once: The defcon improves by two, and you can take a card from the discard and put it in your hand, giving yourself another card.)
5. Play an event (or have it played on you) which causes you to discard the card without the event occurring. Having 'terrorism' played on you could force you to discard it. Activating Ask Not... allows the US to throw all of their cards away and draw replacements. It's possible, though a sad idea, that Missile Envy could give the USSR Lone Gunman...
6. Trigger Cuban Missile Crisis when the USSR has no influence in Cuba. He will not be able to use the one op from Lone Gunman to coup without losing the game himself. Of course if he does have influence in Cuba even for a second this idea is meaningless.
7. Win the game, or force the opponent to lose the game somehow, before you must play Lone Gunman.
8. Have no US influence in any mid-war battleground countries, then the USSR cannot target them for a coup. (So no us influence in bg countries in Africa, C. America, or S. America. If this happens, you are probably going to lose anyway.)
9. Have the Quagmire event (Bear Trap for USSR) triggered on you. It forces you to throw away a card rather than play it. If Lone Gunman is the only card you have left and this is triggered, you can get away with not discarding (because it is not 2ops) and having it continue to next turn.

And, this is meta, but...
10. This is not something anyone should count on, but if your opponent is a beginner and hasn't been taught how CIA Created and Lone Gunman are both traps that automatically lose the game for the opponent who plays them, then you can probably play it and he will simply put influence somewhere and the game will go on.

Understand the nature of the game that includes forcing the opponent into a losing situation? It's part of the game as well.
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