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Author Topic: Hi all!  (Read 1366 times)

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Hi all!
« on: March 28, 2013, 03:53:37 am »

Hi everybody,

Although I'm following this forum since the start and sometimes posting here or on BGG, I didn't introduce myself yet. My name is DaniŽl Hogetoorn and I'm a Twilight Struggle addict since 2,5 years now. I discovered the game via Nicole Kaiyan with whom I was playing Age of Renaissance online. She told me to try this game and I haven't been sorry yet :-)

I'm a Dutchman, living in Szolnok, Hungary with my wife and my 16 months old son. Fortunately, there's a games club here and I've got some friends who are willing to play (my Hungarian version of) Twilight Struggle with me. I'm working for 999 Games (since 1998 already), a big Dutch games producer, as a translator/editor/copywriter. I'm translating from French, German, English and sometimes Hungarian into Dutch. Since we put around 50 new games per year into the market, it means I need to translate roughly 1 game per week besides my other tasks, like writing newsletters, scripts for video tutorials, sales sollicitations, visiting fairs, testing games and so on. Not to mention that the translation of for example Agricola took me about 2 months. So, it's a time consuming job, but I'm not allowed to complain, seeing that they let me live in Hungary and that my hobby is my work :-)

Besides being a games addict, I love organizing events. That's why I organize the European Twilight Struggle League (ETSL), the online Twilight Struggle World Championships, a Twilight Struggle Convention in Amsterdam (big name for a tournament where only 10 players have registred yet :-(), an annual board game tournament (ABK) and several other online events based on my favourite games. Most of the events I organize in the Netherlands. Because of my work, I need to be in my mother country almost 3 months per year. Since my wife and son stay at home, it gives me the freedom and time to spend my weekends organizing events.

I hope I'll meet you all soon on this fantastic forum or on Wargameroom/Vassal to discuss or play our favourite game!


NB: would you like information about the tournaments I organize, please check
Interested in taking part in face-to-face, online or PbEM events? Check my website!


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Re: Hi all!
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2014, 02:20:00 am »

Oh! Is posted to the knowledge that many do it well. I'm reading it, I feel smarter.
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