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Author Topic: I hate Red Scare/Purge!  (Read 3005 times)

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I hate Red Scare/Purge!
« on: July 26, 2013, 06:03:31 am »

I hate Red Scare/Purge!

This is not exactly a thread started for discussion purposes but more to help me vent my frustration with this awful event. I despise this card so much. I have just lost yet another game simply because my opponent played it on me in the early war and left me crippled while he happily took over Asia and the Middle East while making sure I couldn't dominate Europe. By turn 4 he was 16 VPs ahead.

I can't tell you the amount of games this card has ruined for me. The reason I hate it so much is there is absolutely no tactics, planning or strategy involved with it. In the early war one player just gets it (sometimes twice) and plays it to screw over the other player badly. I derive no satisfaction from it when I play it myself and watch my opponent struggle to keep up and deal with any bad events in their hand. When it gets played on me I find it incredibly frustrating as I just can't respond to anything my opponent does. With the help of SALT I once had it played on me 4 times in one game! I don't care how good you are I don't see any way to win after that. Even if you know it's coming there's no counter measures or contingencies you can take or plans you can make to negate it's effects, you simply have to suck it down and hope it doesn't cause you to lose. Is this really in the spirit of the game? I remember one time I tried playing all of my own cards for the event in order to deny Red Scare from stealing their OPs but when the reshuffle came around all those cards were gone permanently and I was more screwed than ever as I was overwhelmed by my opponents cards.

I think the biggest problem with it is if you're the US in the early war and it gets played on you it can effectively end the game then and there. As the US you are already on the back foot early on and have to deal with some nasty USSR events. Socialist governments, Blockade, Suez crisis and De Gaulle suddenly become very difficult to deal with and other cards like Decolonisation and Fidel unspaceable. On top of this the USSR probably has the China Card so is guaranteed a huge OP advantage should they so choose. At such an early stage of the game where players are trying to grab countries this is crippling as the Russians will be snapping everything up before you can and once they have control of somewhere you don't have to ability to challenge for it anymore. If it gets played on you twice you're just dead and may as well concede.

What baffles me is that everyone seems to just accept it as part of the game and is unfazed by it's presence in the deck. I've even seen Thoery list it as one of his favourite cards. A big problem I have with it is there's no guarantee that the other player will get it themselves to play later and level the playing field, in fact there's just a big a chance it'll get played on the same person again (and again?). Perhaps the fact it's in the deck from the very start of the game is what makes it so depressing.

I look at it like this:
-If you have an opponents event you are forced to deal with it but you get to choose how, when and if it gets triggered and can plan to mitigate it's effects or cause it to have none. If you are really stuck there's the Space race
-If you have your own event you can happily play it for OP's but if you like the event you must choose what to do with it. Perhaps you like the idea of your opponent playing it for you later. Interesting tactics, choice, risk and planning involved.
-If you have Red Scare you play it and you hurt your opponent safe in the knowledge they won't be playing it on you. No disadvantage, no difficult choice to make, little tactical thought

I understand there are other cards that this logic can be applied to but none anger me more than this one. Rant over, thanks for listening.


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Re: I hate Red Scare/Purge!
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2013, 07:53:11 am »

I ran through your feelings :) Take it easy, it'll go.

Now to the merit. First, there is tactics, planning, and strategy involved with it. In Early War if affects only 6 rounds. Let three of them be Scoring Cards, events, 1Op cards or even a Space Race with an originally 3Ops card you wanted to space anyway (like Duck and Cover) and RS/P simply gives up 4 Ops for 3 Ops taken from your opponent. In Mid War it's easy to autoplay it instead of waiting for Quagmire/Bear Trap combo, and let the opponent grab it with SALT as a bonus. After all it's one of very few "safe" 4Ops. The other is Nuclear Test Ban. All non-neutral high ops are non-safe for the opponent (although you won't probably suffer too much from NATO or Flower Power) and letting Wargames into discard pile is risky by itself.

Second, every loss no bigger than 19 VPs is theoretically salvageable. I did lose games where I was leading by 16 VPs after Early War and I did win games where I was 16 VPs behind after the Early War.

Third, the card is mitigable by Containment, Brezhnev Doctrine, and partially Vietnam Revolts. You don't always get these cards of course but neither will your opponent get RS/P every time.

Fourth, a good opponent can often mitigate a bad luck. I had recently played a friendly game against Tim Bina, who is much stronger than me, and I lost despite I played RS/P three times against him: twice in the Early War (which should be devastating by itself) and for the third time during the Mid War in combo with Bear Trap. That's an extremely strong play if you summarize it due to pure cards effects; yet Tim's play based on his abilities proved to be even stronger. Chapeau bas!

After playing some games I tend to be irritated rather by "silent" cards. I'm not a fan of cards that are almost never played for the events (Summit, Nuclear Test Ban), and this is because they make game too stable. I prefer swingness, volatility, and chaos :)

Good luck with your getting to like RS/P ;)
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Re: I hate Red Scare/Purge!
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2013, 05:16:55 pm »

There is strategy involved with rsp.

Firstable there are 2 us events that can negate rsp wchich is contaiment and defectors. If for example they were not played in round 1 and on round 2 as ussr u have rsp but none of contaiment/defectors there is very high possiblity of usa headlining one of these cards. So u have to think.. and if he does headline contaiment it basicly works as defectors for ussr. But if usa headlines defectors it a waste of 4op card.

And what is more ... there could be better headlines than rsp for example those wchich can guarantee u taking France or Italy (De Gualle, Socialists Govs). And u cant forget that rsp is just free 4 ops.

So rsp is always the best headline only for US player and in that case it somehow equals the chances considering big early war USSR advantage.


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Re: I hate Red Scare/Purge!
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2013, 06:25:21 pm »

In far from experienced, but I almost always use it for ops in early war, especially if I'm USSR


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