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Author Topic: De-Colonization and Special Relationship (clarifications requested)  (Read 2435 times)

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I am relatively new to TS, having played about a half dozen games.  My regular opponent and I have debated the interpretation of two cards, De-Colonization and Special Relationship, and I am hoping to get help in clarifying how these cards are to be played.

De-Colonization:  it seems to me that this event allows the USSR player to put down 1 influence point, anywhere in four countries in Africa/SE Asia, without regard to whether my opponent has control of that country.  The rules clearly state that when an event permits placement of influence, one need not have influence in the country in question or any adjoining country in order to place influence.  On the other hand, since the rules are apparently silent regarding the other major condition affecting placement of influence through operations points (i.e. that they cost 2 operations points when the country is opponent-controlled), this (my opponent argues) suggests that each such influence point put down with the De-Colonization card counts as 2 if the country in question is opponent-controlled.  I say that the simple meaning of the card is: 4 influence points, anywhere, since the event does not grant operations points, but outright influence instead.

Special Relationship:  the card says "any" country adjacent to the UK.  Does this mean "every" country (i.e. any country that happens to be adjacent") or "any one country"?  I notice that the description of this card on the TS website supports the latter interpretation, but it seems to me that the matter is unclear.  Given the low point value of the card, as well as the normal use of the word "any", I would say that it means "any one country."

thanks for any help you can offer.


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Re: De-Colonization and Special Relationship (clarifications requested)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2013, 02:49:45 am »


Ad Decolonization: you're right, 4 influence points to any 4 different countries of Africa and/or Southeast Asia, regardless of opponent's control. By the Mid War both players usually get there but US sometimes has no overcontrol. One of the best uses of this card is to break control simultaneously in 4 important countries and hope US can't afford repairing them all at once.

Ad Special Relationship: one country per one event, provided UK is controlled. This rule applies also if SR are NATO-boosted: 2 points also go to one country.
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