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Author Topic: Asia Control = 17 points  (Read 1578 times)

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Asia Control = 17 points
« on: May 16, 2015, 04:52:13 pm »

Here's a condensed, annotated recap of the luck it took in a fluke game that led to a US VP win in turn 4.

Opening Setup:

Turn 1:

USSR Cards:
(US-3) East European Unrest
(N-2) Olympic Games
(USSR-2) Arab Israeli War
(USSR-1) Romanian Abdication
(N-0) Asia Scoring
(N-0) Mid-East Scoring

US Cards:
(N-4) Nuclear Test Ban
(USSR-3) Warsaw Pact Formed
(USSR-3) Comecon
(US-3) Five Year Plan
(US-2) Formosan Resolution
(USSR-2) Vietnam Revolts
(US-1) Truman Doctrine
(N-1) UN Intervention

USSR: Asia Scoring
US: Truman Doctrine - Austria
VP -1

Analysis: He punts on Asia for a quick VP; I had no viable headline except giving up 3 ops, so I went with the smallest ops card I had, and kick him out of Austria.


USSR: China Card (ops) - Coup in Iran
Die roll: 1 (+4) = 5
Iran now 2/0

US: Comecon (ops) - +2 AFG, +1 LEB
USSR: +1 EGER, +1 POL, +1 YUG, +1 BULG

Analysis: Lacking ops, he uses the China Card for a big coup, and with awful luck, only rolls a 1. I secure an outpost in West Asia and expand into Lebanon, which gives me domination. I hope to make him think I have Mid-East scoring, not knowing its already in his hand.


USSR: Olympic Games (ops) +2 in Iraq (now at 0/3)

US: Formosan Resolution (ops) +1 Malaysia, +1 Egypt

Analysis: He has Mid-East, so he takes picks up a battleground to deny my domination. I expand to Malaysia to prepare for Thailand, and to Egypt to prepare for Libya.


USSR: Mid-East scoring
+0 VPs

US: Warsaw Pact Formed (ops) - +2 Libya, +1 PHIL

Analysis: He goes ahead and scores Mid-East. I take Libya anyways, and throw away the last op in SE Asia. No rhyme or reason for choosing Philippines over Malaysia.


USSR: Arab-Israeli War (ops) - Coup in Malaysia
Die roll: 6 (+2) = 8
Malaysia now 0/3

US: Nuclear Test Ban (ops) - Coup in Malaysia
Die roll: 6 (+4) = 10
Malaysia now 3/0

Analysis: I'm staying out of Pakistan and Thailand due to DEFCON 4, and so is he. He takes a risk with his coup but gets a great roll; I have to use a 4ops but also get a great roll, and solidify my advantage there. Now I just need to drop DEFCON somehow...


USSR: East European Unrest (space race)
Die roll: 3 (success)
VP -2

US: Five Year Plan (ops) - Coup in North Korea
Die Roll: 6 (+3) = 9
North Korea now 0/0

Analysis: He goes to space, and I take get really lucky with a coup in a 3-ops country. In all honesty, all I was looking to do is drop DEFCON; the outcome didn't even matter to me. My options were Iraq and North Korea, and both regions had already been scored. So by flukey happenstance, I clear him out of North Korea, and as a result completely out of Asia.


USSR: Romanian Abdication (ops) - Coup in Iran
Die roll: 6 (+1) = 7
Iran now at 0/1

US: Vietnam Revolts + UN Intervention (ops) - +2 in Pakistan

Analysis: He coups with another good roll and flips Iran, dropping DEFCON down to 2. That clears the way for me to take Pakistan or Thailand; however, the only cards I have left are Vietnam and UN Intervention. I don't want to give him access to either country, so I block off Pakistan and cancel the effect of the event.

End of Turn 1:
Europe: Presence/Presence
Asia: Domination/Nothing
Mid-East: Presence/Presence

VP -3

Turn 2:

USSR Cards:
(USSR-3) Destalinization
(US-2) Independent Reds
(US-2) Korean War
(US-1) CIA Created
(USSR-1) Nasser
(N-1) Captured Nazi Scientist
(N-0) Europe Scoring

US Cards:
(US-4) US/Japan Mutual Defense
(USSR-3) Suez Crisis
(USSR-2) Decolonization
(USSR-2) Cambridge Five
(US-2) Special Relationship
(US-2) Defectors
(USSR-1) Blockade


USSR: Europe Scoring
US: Defectors

Analysis: A wash. Now all three scoring cards have been played, so there's no reason to focus on any particular region.


USSR: CIA Created (US Ops - Coup in Iran: Die roll 1 (+1) = 2, no effect) (ops) +1 Iran (now 0/2)
US: NATO (ops) - +2 Thailand, +2 North Korea

Analysis: Though I have Decol, I'm nervous about dropping Destal points into Thailand, so I take Thailand and only put 2 into North Korea.


USSR: Independent Reds (space race)
Die roll: 3 (success)

US: Decolonization (space race)
Die roll: 3 (success)
VP -2

Analysis: We both space race. He has Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, so he spaces the Reds to keep an advantage in Europe. I have Blockade, so can't keep Decol (except with the China Card that I forgot I had).


USSR: Korean War (event) - Die Roll: 2 (fail)

US: Blockade (discard Suez Crisis) (ops) - +1 North Korea

Analysis: He goes for South Korea at a 50/50 shot, and comes up short. I get rid of Blockade and control North Korea, blocking his access.


USSR: Nasser (event) - Egypt now at 0/2

US: US/Japan (ops) - +2 Japan, +2 India

Analysis: He takes Egypt (though I already have Libya), and I continue to shore up Asia.


USSR: Captured Nazi Scientist (event) - VP -4

US: Special Relationship (ops) +1 Japan, +1 India

Analysis: He plays another 1-op card, and I finish up control of two more battlegrounds; only 1 remains.


USSR: Destalinization (event):
-1 Finland, -3 Bulgaria
+1 Venezuela, +1 Brazil, +1 Chile, +1 Angola

US: Cambridge Five (ops) - +2 South Korea

Analysis: He uses Destal to its full effect. Meanwhile, I have a free two ops, and use it to control the last battleground in Asia. He also gets a point for military ops.

End of Turn 2:
Europe: Presence/Presence
Asia: Control/Nothing
Mid-East: Presence/Presence
Africa: Nothing/Presence
South America: Nothing/Nothing

VP -5

Turn 3:

USSR Cards:
(US-4) Marshall Plan
(US-3) Duck and Cover
(USSR-3) DeGaulle Leads France
(USSR-3) Socialist Governments
(USSR-1) Romanian Abdication
(N-1) UN Intervention
(N-0) Asia Scoring

US Cards:
(US-4) US/Japan Mutual Defense
(N-4) Red Scare/Purge
(US-3) Containment
(US-3) East European Unrest
(USSR-2) Fidel
(N-2) Indo/Pakistan War
(N-0) Europe Scoring


USSR: Asia Scoring
US: Europe Scoring

US scores 17 points:
+9 for control
+6 battlegrounds
+2 Afghanistan/North Korea

VP +12

Analysis: Whoa. Apparently with no hope to break in, he pulls the trigger on Asia, giving 17 points. Maybe he hoped I would use Defectors? Either way, its the biggest point score I've ever seen in a game, and it completely flips the game. All thanks to a flukey, lucky coup in Turn 1.


USSR: Duck and Cover (with UN Intervention) (ops) - Coup in Libya
Die roll: 6 (+3) = 9
Libya now 0/3

US: US/Japan (ops) - +2 Angola, +1 South Africa

Analysis: He flips Libya with another great coup roll, and I try to stave off being re-aligned out of South Africa.


USSR: NORAD (ops) - +1 Italy, +1 Zaire

US: East European Unrest (ops) +1 Italy, +2 Canada

Analysis: He opens a door to France. Since DeGaulle is still out, I don't invest into France; instead, I shore up Italy then take Canada to set up NORAD.


USSR: DeGaulle Leads France (ops) - +3 France

US: Red Scare/Purge (ops) - +2 Zaire, +1 South Africa

Analysis: He takes France and keeps DeGaulle in play; I flip Zaire and control South Africa.


USSR: Marshall Plan (ops) - +1 Venezuela, +1 Brazil, +2 Argentina
US places +1 in 7 countries

US: Containment (ops) - +1 Panama, +1 Spain/Portugal, +1 Turkey

Analysis: I don't understand why he would invest to take France, then give away domination by playing Marshall Plan without even using the 4 ops to take Turkey and Greece. But I go ahead and build up my non-battlegrounds in Europe, then also put one in Panama in preparation for Mid-War.


USSR: Romanian Abdication (ops) - +1 Syria

US: Fidel (space race)
Die roll: 5 (fail)

Analysis: He takes Syria, giving him domination in the Mid-East. I space race Fidel, having already lost South America.


USSR: Socialist Governments (ops) - +2 Chile, +1 Venezuela
US: Indo-Pakistan War (ops) - +1 Pakistan, +1 Indonesia

Analysis: He completes control in South America, while I shore up Pakistan (in case I lose the China Card), and take Indonesia (for SE Asia Scoring). He picks up 2 VPs for military ops.

End of Turn 3:
Europe: Presence/Presence
Asia: Control/Nothing
Mid-East: Presence/Domination
Africa: Presence/Nothing
South America: Nothing/Control
Central America: Presence/Nothing

VP +10

Turn 4:

USSR Cards:
(USSR-4) We Will Bury You
(US-3) Bear Trap
(US-3) Five Year Plan
(N-3) Cuban Missile Crisis
(N-2) Olympic Games
(US-2) Defectors
(US-2) Formosan Resolution

US Cards:
(USSR-4) Muslim Revolution
(N-3) Brush War
(US-2) Nixon Visits China
(US-2) Special Relationship
(US-2) Puppet Governments
(N-2) Junta
(N-0) Central America Scoring


USSR: We Will Bury You
US: Junta
+2 Brazil, Realignments in Venezuela (both rolls fail)
Brazil now 2/2

VP +7

Analysis: My guess is that he was desperate for points, thus using his highest ops card for 3VPs. The DEFCON drop hurts me, though, as instead of a coup I settle for realignments in South America, which don't work.


USSR: Formosan Resolution (ops) - +2 Brazil (now 2/4)

US: Brush War (event) - Venezuela
Die roll: 6 (victory)
VP +8

Analysis: He takes Brazil back, but I flip Venezuela's 3 influence with Brush War.


USSR: Cuban Missile Crisis (ops) - +3 Uruguay

US: Puppet Governments (event) - +1 Nigeria, +1 Algeria, +1 Saudi Arabia

Analysis: He takes Uruguay to set up domination, while I continue in Africa and, foolishly, put in in Mid-East instead of in Central America.


USSR: Bear Trap (ops) - +3 Algeria

US: Muslim Revolution (ops) - +3 Cuba, +1 Mexico, -1 Saudi Arabia

Analysis: I waste my third puppet government op, and end up one short of control in Central America. Fortunately, my opponent put himself into a Bear Trap, giving me back-to-back ARs.


USSR: Olympic Games (discard) - Die Roll: 3 - The Bear Trap is over!

US: Special Relationship (ops) - +1 Mexico, +1 Israel

Analysis: He didn't even use Bear Trap to get rid of a bad card, so not sure what was going on there. I now have control of Central, with the scoring card in hand.


USSR: Defectors (space race)
Die roll: 4 (success)

US: Central America Scoring
US +8 VP
VP +16

Analysis: I guess he's not willing to give up any VPs, while I add 8 more with control in Central.


USSR: Five Year Plan (space race)
Die roll: 5 (fail)

US: Nixon Plays the China Card (event)
VP +18

USSR concedes, as his AR7 won't bring him a VP or military ops, meaning the US would score +2 at the end of AR7, bring US up to 20 points.
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