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Author Topic: The old Russian One, Two.  (Read 845 times)

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The old Russian One, Two.
« on: October 15, 2016, 04:28:06 pm »

In a long game I was playing with somebody online, it seems like I was going to go down for sure at the start of turn ten.

I was USSR and he was USA, with him being up around four points.

Asia was a complete deadlock.

The Middle East was solidly under my dominance which was the only really good news.

In Central America he holds both Cuba and Mexico (though I hold Panama and he has no non battleground country to complete his dominance.)

South America Is deadlocked with him holding two the top two battle grounds and me holding the bottom two along with one non-battle ground.

Iím strong in Africa but not able to hold enough non-battle grounds (or any eventually) to score dominance just some extra points off of last scoring of presence on both sides.

Europe is under his dominance by one country.  His tear down the wall took out one of his influence and all of mine, causing me to play three into it.  His dropping the China card to take control was met with me showing that Warsaw Pact had survived the early war and kicked him out of East Germany along with the rest of eastern Europe.

De Gaulle also managed to survive to the late game, so even though he had France overcontrolled by one, it still meant that I could play him as a headline then use the China card myself to pour four influence in!  Since I have defectors in my hand there's no way I can fail!

Except that he headlines Chernobyle and targets Europe, freezing me out in the cold, even worse I draw the last scoring card in the deck, South America scores giving me an empty turn when I have to play it.

I make a valiant effort to coup Brazil but fall one short gaining only one influence in the country and his play of three ops promptly sets things up as the status quo.

He repairs himself to be in perfect dominance of Europe and spaces socialist governments while nibbling away at Africa.

My attempt at an India Pakistan war which could have gotten me 2 vp on the success and two more vp on the battle ground country count (he has too many non-battle grounds for me to get dominance) fails.

On my AR 6 I  manage to space Duck and Cover for the four point victory bonus of a successful space shuttle (he only just reached man in orbit), taking the victory score to me only being down one after I had to play defectors earlier in the turn.

So we come to my AR 7 and with his dominance of Europe complete, whatever I do, he'll free to make some big play on his AR 7, probably making a move in the middle east (or break my control of India or North Korea to get dominance in Asia) or finally grabbing a non battle ground in central america so he can get dominance over there, or possibly some combination of the above if he has a high enough op card!

I unveil my drunken haymaker and throw out the one card that might give me a chanceÖ The Reformer.

I place two ops in France and two in West Germany, giving me domination of Europe instead of him as I've broken control of both and neither were over controlled.

If he has a one op card my victory is assured, a two op will return Europe to parity, heíll need a four to regain dominance of it.

He has one 2 op cardÖ Noriega, which would win me the game by Defcon suicide since as previously mentioned he has control of Cuba.

He has a four op cardÖ..

Glasnost which heíd been holding so I couldnít launch another coup when it raised the defcon (he either just didnít want to (possibly feeling four ops as a last turn play to break my control of two countries would be worth more to him than a coup that might or might not work) or didnít realize he could play it, trigger the event, then take the extra coup himself) running head long into my just triggered Reformer.

I instantly go up from being down a VP to being up a VP.

I spend two ops, placing a single op in South America to break his control of Brazil and give me dominance.

I spend another two claiming a pair of 1 stability South American countries giving me dominance there.

If he spends the 4 to repair Europe, Iíll win from south America and Africa.

Even if he takes Europe to parity with two ops and uses the other two in South America and Africa to restore those to parity, my handful of VPs from the Middle East that he can do nothing to address will let me squeak over the victory line.

He tries a few things, throws up his hands, then places them as best he can and lets the final scoring leave me in the lead and giving me the victory!

I donít think either of us had a clue just what a shocking turn around was waiting to happen come AR7!

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