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Author Topic: Defectors Headline Interactions with Grain Sales/5 Year Plan  (Read 198 times)

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Defectors Headline Interactions with Grain Sales/5 Year Plan
« on: September 20, 2017, 10:19:34 am »

I've been playing a lot on the Android app, and ran into some interesting interactions. I headlined 5YP, and my opponent was forced to discard defectors. Interestingly, defectors took place and then in turn canceled the USSR headline. 

Remembering this interaction, today I headlined Grain Sales and pulled Defectors. USSR had headlined quagmire, and I couldn't afford to be quagmired this turn so instead of using defectors for ops I decided to play the event thinking it would cancel Quagmire. Unfortunately since Quagmire is a 3 Ops, it had already occurred and defectors did nothing effectively wasting my headline.

I cant remember what my opponent headlined in the first situation, but I imagine if it was a 4 ops card then 5YP would have discarded defectors and nothing would have happened.

I'm guessing the same thing would happen with Missile Envy though the odds of it pulling a 2 ops card in the headline would be extremely low.

I'm a little irritated that it let me even use defectors in the first place, but you live and learn I guess.
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